AVGC (A – Animation | V- Visual Effects | G- Gaming | C- Comics)

AVGC (A – Animation | V- Visual Effects | G- Gaming | C- Comics)

"AVG promotion task force" will build domestic capacity for markets & global demand. India's cultural diversity can be promoted through avgc industry.

Dr. Siddhant Vasantrao Wadmare
April, 13 2023

"AVGC Promotion Task Force will be constituted with all stakeholders to recommend ways to realize this and build domestic capacity for our markets and global demand," Sitharaman stated in her speech.

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Nirmala Sitharaman, our finance minister, made the announcement that a promotional task force comprised of all stakeholders will be established after recognizing the enormous potential of the AVGC industry (animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics). This will help build domestic capacity to meet global demand and serve Indian markets.

Experts in the gaming industry are now impressed by the decision because they believe the task force will contribute to the expansion and enrichment of the workforce of young, employable aspirants who want to join the industry as AVGC professionals. Experts have predicted that India will become a global entertainment powerhouse in the coming years, appreciating his decision. Because a long-term policy that will support a vibrant animation and gaming ecosystem will be issued by the task force.

Director of Finance at Games24x7 Shri "India has huge potential because it has a very high-quality talent pool of creative and aesthetic artists who can help transform India into a global player," Rahul Tiwari stated. He has high hopes because this could clarify the industry. In addition, he asserts that this sector has significantly contributed to India's startup success over time. India's diverse and extensive cultural heritage makes it one of the world's oldest cultures. India's rich cultural heritage is reflected in the country's cultural fabric. India's cultural heritage includes religion, fiction, fine art and customs, language, music, dance, food, and architecture. Thousands of years ago, people held the beliefs, practices, and customs that we still observe today.

India's cultural diversity is an essential component of the country's development story for such a diverse nation. When it comes to collections of melody, ball, theater, legends, painting, services, watercolors, and writings-also known as humanity's "intangible cultural heritage," India is one of the best countries in the world.

Like other types of art, Indian canvases have a long history. The extensive cultural history of Indian painting can be seen in the exquisite murals, Buddhist manuscripts, and miniature paintings found in the Ajanta and Ellora caves, among other things.

One of the earliest forms of Indian painting, Madhubani art has since spread worldwide. One of the oldest forms of art is Madhubani art. It was created by women from a variety of communities in the Indian subcontinent's Mithila region.

In a similar vein, Warli painting, which is an essential component of the Warli painting, is now acknowledged and valued worldwide. Modern aspects of urban culture have been incorporated into these paintings by a new generation of the global landscape and Warli painters.

The rich history of Thanjavur paintings, on the other hand, has made certain that the art form will continue to inspire artists worldwide. Literature is one of the most important art forms for expressing culture and creativity.

The literary tradition is the foundation of an important aspect of Indian culture. The oldest works of Indian literature are the Vedas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. The Upanishads and the Brahmanas' prose commentaries served as additions to the Vedas.

Sanskrit literature reached its pinnacle between the first and seventh centuries AD. Drama, sacred and philosophical writing, court poetry, and narrative folklore all emerged during this time. Panchatantra, a collection of stories from the second century BCE, is one of the most well-known collections of Indian traditional tales. As a result, India's extensive literary heritage has attracted international attention, leading to the nation-state tenure of nearly 5 million scripts, which are considered to be one of the biggest collections in the world. Promoting Indian culture elsewhere

Indian Traditional Women Vector

India's cultural range and international attention to its art, ancient literature, and folklore have increased the country's soft power. In terms of religion, language, and culture, India is often referred to as a melting pot. As a result, the government has taken a number of steps to spread Indian culture around the world.

Signing bilateral and multilateral agreements, promoting Indian culture abroad through "Indian festivals," and assisting Indo-foreign friendship cultural institutions with cultural activities are among these activities.

India's rich culture and history must be presented in greater depth, and the media and entertainment ecosystems potential must be utilized.

The (AVGC) Animation-Visual Effects-Gaming-Comics industry deserves special declaration in this context.

The Government of India has selected A/V services as one of the 12 Champion Service Divisions in order to guarantee that the AVGC sector will be a main progression driver for the In India, the M&E industry.

The AVGC industry in India will also be able to connect the country's art, music, and literature to a larger global audience as a result of its expansion.

 It is essential to note the various ways the AVGC sector can promote India's culture and heritage on a national and international scale in the context described above.